Review of Yamaha fzs v2 price in bangladesh

24 Aug 2019

Yamaha FZS V2 Review: Everything You Need to Know and More!

Yamaha is easily one of the most popular brands in the world. Now, in Bangladesh, it has set a new trend of entry-level bikes that deliver exceptional power and efficiency without breaking the bank.

One of these bikes is the Yamaha FZ S V2, a reliable, efficient, smooth, and mighty 150cc machine. Those who like small yet quick bikes won’t have any problem finding this one a great choice.

Apart from its exceptional set of features, this bike also looks good and provides outstanding quality in many ways. And that’s something not many bikes have at this level.

Want to know a little more about the Yamaha FZ S V2.0 FI?

Come further to find out!


Yamaha FZ S V2: Specifications

Brand: Yamaha

Model: FZ S V2

Engine: 149 cc – Single Cylinder – 4-Stroke – 2-Valve

Type: Standard Bike

Gearbox: 5-speed

Max Speed/Torque/Power: 125km/h – 12.8 Nm at 6,000 RPM – 13 HP at 8,000 RPM

Brakes: Disc (Front) – Drum (Rear)

Suspension: Telescopic Fork in Front – Swing-arm in Rear

Fuel Capacity: 12 L

Fuel Efficiency: 40 km/l

Wheels: Alloy 17-RIM – 100/80 (Front) – 140/60 (Rear) - Tubeless Tires

Weight: 132 Kilograms

Color: Hurricane Gray, Knight Red, Lightning Cyan, Opal White and Special Dark Knight Edition

Price in Bangladesh: 2,45,000 to 2,55,000 BDT


Yamaha FZ S Review: Design

The new Yamaha FZ S is pretty similar to the FZ. Some would say it is the same bike with just a few changes in colors and graphics.

However, it is fair also to mention that there are a few new additions to its design that make the FZ S V2 slightly more stylish and enticing than its older brother.

First, you have a multi-reflector headlight alongside an air scoop that comprises a seemingly serious touch as a naked bike.

When you add the extended mudguards on the front and the rear, you know the bike is specially designed for the commuting rider. This adds to its serious style with less aggressive touches.

The exhaust is also different than the one in its predecessor. This one comes with a plastic case, generally in black, that gives a sharp look to the part. The exhaust adds to the wider rear portion of the bike, making it more comfortable for pillions.

The tail has not many changes than its older models. With the front, you also have the same story. Both are sleek and sharp designs, looking serious enough for a standard bike of this caliber.

But the speedometer and fuel tank are entirely new – which gives an innovative touch to the machine.

The switch gears and the handlebar are serious as well, easy to reach, and comfortable enough. Apart from that, you also have the traditional engine kill switch and the passing light, which add to the convenience of the model.

Everything in the instrument panel is digital. From the fuel gauge to the speedometer, they are easy to follow & watch. However, they look cheap and slightly unreliable. But you have it cleared out with the quality rear view mirrors and the comfortable padded seat.


Yamaha FZ S V2.0 FI: Wheels & Tires

There’s not much to say about the wheels of the Yamaha FZ S V2. The bike comes with a 100/80 alloy wheel in the front that offers enough grip for sharp corners and gives excellent stability. As a standard bike, it does not need much more than that.

The 140/60 rear wheel is wider and thicker than most standard bikes, perfect for superior traction and greater brake responsiveness. This also helps to get superb stability and reduces the loss of control on rainy days.


Yamaha Bike FZ S Review: Comfort & Suspension

One of the most worth mentioning things about the FZ S V2 is the ability to offer a hugely comfortable riding experience.

Even after spending long hours in the bike, the rider won’t feel any discomfort at all, not in the back, neck, arms, shoulders – nowhere.

This design is owed to the high saddle and perfect ergonomics in the handlebar, giving the rider a superb soft result.

The bike comes with a split seat as well. This means a pillion can sit comfortable behind the rider and travel along without problems. The aluminum grab rail helps the pillion to grab to the bike and never lose balance while the machine moves.

The only drawback may be the lack of extra footrest for the pillion. While the rider peg is placed at the back of the position, the pillion will have to rest in a tiny peg that increases instability. But nothing that would eventually make the pillion fall from the bike.

For the suspension, you get even better results. The fat telescopic fork in the front and the mono shock in the rear offer the perfect stiff feel most standard bike riders love.

It helps not only to reduce bumps but also to increase balance and control in corners. Overall, it performs well enough regarding comfort and suspension.


Yamaha FZ S V2: Engine & Gearbox

The Yamaha FZ S V2.0 FI has one of the most exciting engines in the market of entry-level bikes. With a 150cc single-cylinder engine, you also get a fuel-injected powerplant that makes the machine feel slightly underpowered.

That won’t harm the experience really, but may eventually decrease its power while increasing fuel efficiency.

But offering 13 HP at 8000 RPM plus 12.8 Nm at 6000 RPM is something you don’t get in many 150cc bikes. The Yamaha FZ S manages to provide all that and still give a smooth experience in the road.

When it comes to the 5-speed gearbox, you get an excellent version that goes pretty fast from gear to gear. This means it is perfect for commuting, reducing overall change time which many people hate, even in entry-level machines like this one.


Yamaha FZ S V2.0 FI Review: Braking & Handling

Disc brakes are not only more responsive, but they also tend to last longer and provide a much more effective braking action. The FZ S V2 comes with a disc brake in the front, exactly what demanding users need.

Sadly, the rear is comprised with a drum brake, which despite not being a disc one, still manages to provide a perfect performance.

This was done to keep the cost low. And of course, it wasn’t needed to have both disc brakes on a 150cc bike that does not go over 125 km/h.

Luckily, both brakes perform well without hesitation, being pretty responsive and still allowing the use of hard stops whenever needed.

When it comes to handling, you also get a reasonably reliable bike. The reduced weight of the machine keeps braking more efficiently as well as control.

You will be able to get more leg room with its fuel tank design, allowing easier cornering and reducing any loss of stability.

Pairing the suspension, tires and brakes promote a great mix of handling additions that increase its overall control ability – even for tricks. Stunt lovers will surely find the Yahama FZ S V2 a great performer.


Yamaha FZ S Review: Performance

Riding the Yamaha FZ S V2.0 FI is a total piece of cake. There’s practically nothing that could keep from riding this small beast comfortably and effectively in the city.

Totally smooth and easy on the hands, friendly for maneuvering and offering a fuel injecting system that promotes efficiency – you won’t have many bikes as good as this one.

The power delivery is exceptional as well. You get smooth gear changes with great consistency, delivering a fast speed improvement over many 150cc bikes, especially Chinese ones.

From the tires to the weight distribution, going on the road with this bike is a total piece of cake, and that’s what every motorcycle should offer.

The max speed this machine can offer is 120 km/h. Paired with the fuel efficiency of 35 to 45 km/l, you can receive excellent results for commuting and road riding as well. It won’t ever let you down, and probably it will become love at first try.

The only problem you may notice with the bike is a slight sound that comes from the rear mudguard. As it is too close to the tire, it may eventually promote an annoying scratching noise that not everyone will be fond of.

Especially when you carry a pillion, this sound may get a little frustrating. But of course, nothing that replacing, modifying or taking off can’t fix.


Yamaha FZ S V2 Price in Bangladesh: Bottom Line

The Yamaha FZ S V2 is simply a wonder of a bike. It may offer less power than most competitors and maybe a little less quick due to a fuel-injection system, but it is still a fantastic choice.

Only because it is a total gem when it comes to control, comfort, and efficiency, the FZ S V2 should always be on your watch list.

If you are looking for a small yet highly reliable bike, this one should come as one of the first choices without a doubt.